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Maui is not only home to a vibrant and growing vegan community, but also attracts visits from countless vegan leaders the world over.  One of them is Michelle Cehn, founder of the wonderful website.

“I'm on a mission to empower my fellow earthlings to make kind choices and enjoy the many benefits of plant-based living, Michelle explains. “That's exactly why I founded World of Vegan. It's why I publish vegan videos every single week on YouTube. And it's why I co-authored The Friendly Vegan Cookbook and co-created the Plant Based on a Budget Meal Plans and The Dairy Detox."

Michelle has been working to make change for farmed animals since she first went vegetarian more than 20 years ago, at the age of eight. She now works to inspire positive change through her videos, photographs, and creative activism.

A skilled photographer and videographer, in December 2016 Michelle published an excellent overview, Best of Vegan in Maui, Hawaii. The video (below) begins with a salute to the late, lamented Maka by Mana restaurant, but fortunately, Mana Foods and the rest of the vegan and vegan-friendly enterprises she visited are still alive and well.

Michelle also created a second video (below), Vegan Thanksgiving and Leilani Farm Sanctuary.

Check out Michelle’s website.  Maybe you’ll meet her the next time she returns to the Valley Isle. “I can't wait to come back to Maui sometime,” she notes. “It was the best trip!” 

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Eric Baizer