The Lay of the Land



One of the goals of is to share stories and perspectives from Maui’s vegan “movers and shakers” – leaders, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, animal rights activists, chefs, environmentalists, health professionals, bloggers and others.  Building veganism on Maui begins by supporting the people who are making it happen.

There’s a lot going on, and we can only scratch the surface in identifying some of Maui’s most active vegans and vegan-friendly people and places.  For example, Erin Pinto and Joy Waters have organized the excellent Maui Vegans meetup group that helps vegans get to know each other and exchange ideas and information.  

Animal rights/vegan activist Laurelee Blanchard began to develop Maui’s only vegan animal sanctuary, Leilani, opened in 2008.  More than one visitor to Leilani has been “veganized” after engaging with friendly “food” animals.  

Publisher-organizer-musician-philosopher Carlos Garcia spreads the gospel of veganism through Living Aloha Magazine and at any given time usually has a few other projects in the works. 

Animal rights activist Marie Le Boeuf is a powerful force for advancing veganism on Maui and Hawaii. Ellen Fisher is a Maui-based vegan author of Epic Vegan Food and blogger.  David Klein, Ph.D., is the co-author of Fruiticulture, Planting a World to End Hunger, Poverty, Disease, Pollution & Wars.  Danielle Marie is the author of Beginners Guide to Veganism available at

There are also vegan folks working at vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, stores, farms, juice bars and businesses, such as Harvest Café, Maui Kombucha, Veg-Out, Choice Health Bar, Joy’s Place, Mana Foods, Farmacy Health Bar, Moku Roots, a’a Roots Café, Hawaiian Moons, Down to Earth and Alive and Well!

We’d like to share your stories.

If you are a vegan living on or visiting Maui, we’d love to share your story. Why did you become a vegan?  How are you advancing Maui’s vegan community? What is your vision for a vegan Maui?

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Eric Baizer