Vegan News for February 2019


Congratulations to Maui vegan Brian Goldthwaite for placing 2nd in his age group in his first marathon, the 11th Maui Oceanfront Marathon on January 20th.  Erin Pinto explains that “my superstar vegan husband just ran his first marathon and got 2nd for his age group! This was a longstanding goal. Our vegan friend Kei ran his first half marathon and also placed 2nd for his age group. So many elite athletes (and everyday athletes) are coming to understand the benefits of a plant-based diet. Go vegan for health, for animals, and for the survival of our planet!” (Marathon results are here.)

An important Action Alert from Laurelee Blanchard calls for opposition to new cattle ranching and a new slaughterhouse on Maui. Details here.

Watch Dani Alexander, PETA’S Sexiest Vegan Next Door, tour the Leilani Farm Sanctuary.


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Thursday, February 7: Vegan Lifestyle with Kathy Ryan, 9 am - 12 noon. Film, Q&A, vegan cuisine. $5. Kaunoa Senior Services, 401 Alakapa Place, Paia; 270-7308.

Friday, February 8: Important hearing at the State Capitol next Friday, February 8th at 830 am in Chair Creagan's Agriculture Committee. There are seven bills that would limit dog tethering, prohibit dog/cat consumption, animal sexual abuse, protect farm animals, encourage pet store adoptions, end animal cosmetic testing and more!  Can't attend? Simply submit your support by entering the attached bill numbers from the below link then send to or emailing the committee at More info here.

Thursday, February 14: “How to Feed Your Cancer: Dietary Strategies to Keep Cancer at Bay,” Irminne Van Dyken, MD, 7 pm. J. Walter Cameron Center, 95 Mahalani St., Wailuku. Details here.

Friday, February 22: Big Island Dairy Cow Rescue Fundraiser, 6-9 pm at a' a Roots, 5095 Napilihau St in Napili Plaza.

Sunday, February 24: Raw Vegan Support Circle, 1:30 pm, Kalama Beach Park, Kihei.

Wednesday, February 27: Non-Dairy Cheese Cooking Class & Pizza Party, Heritage Hall, 401 Baldwin Avenue, Paia, 6-8:30 pm. Tickets $30. More information.

Thursday, February 28: Vegan Lifestyle Support Group, West Maui Senior Center, 1 pm. 788 Pauoa St., Lahaina. All ages welcome. Call to confirm, 270-4310.


A new report finds that eating meat has “dire” consequences for the planet. National Geographic discusses a new report published by the medical journal Lancet.


Vegan diets lead to better health, according to a meta-analysis of 40 studies from more than a dozen countries.  Read about it here.


Runner’s World notes that New Research Shows a Plant-Based Diet Can Improve Recovery Time.

Popular Science explains How to Build Muscle on a Vegan Diet.

Learn how a Vegan Ninja Warrior Beats Injury to Regain Top Rankings.

Extreme Runner Fiona Oakes and “vegan superhero” was recently interviewed.

Heavyweight boxer Bryant Jennings credits vegan diet for “feeling young.” More info.

NEW RESOURCES is a new database that allows you to find vegan food and check for over 650 ingredients that aren’t compatible with your diet.  Give it a try.

Here are the top 10 apps to download if you want to go vegan. Established vegans will find some of these apps useful, too.

Denise Perreault explains how to Make Your Own Vegan Cleaning, Makeup and other Household Products.

A top vegan parenting magazine, Raise Vegan, to hit US shelves this month. Details here.


If you live on Maui or visit regularly, you might consider joining the Maui Vegans meetup group. Additional forums include three Facebook pages, Vegan on Maui, Maui Vegans and the Facebook companion page to this website, Maui Vegan Life. Joy Waters’ website includes a number of ideas for Maui vegan projects under consideration.


February 26, 1765: Dr. William Lambe, “the father of vegan nutrition,” is born in England.

February 1806: Dr. William Lambe adopts a plant-based diet.

February 1945: The Vegan News states that “the present milk mania” proves that “how completely 20th century man can be made to accept an idea that is absurd, dangerous, and immoral.”

February 1960: Jay Dinshah founds the American Vegan Society.

February 1998: A federal jury dismisses a lawsuit brought against vegan activist Howard Lyman and the Oprah Winfrey Show concerning a broadcast about the threat to humans from consuming beef with mad cow disease.


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Eric Baizer