Vegan News for August 2018



Vegan Chef extraordinaire Ayako and Zen Island Kitchen will host a Japanese vegan dinner on August 4th at Consuelo’s in Paia.  

The four-course dinner is described as organic vegan, GMO-free and served with lots of love, food unavailable at any Maui restaurant. Live music will be provided by Monkeys with Drums. Zen Island Kitchen draws its inspiration from healthy, traditional Japanese cooking methods and strived to bring forth an innovative cuisine without boundaries. The result is a deliciously unique creation not limited within the label of conventional Japanese food.  For more information, contact; (808) 214-5640.

The impact of nutrition on Alzheimer’s will be discussed by Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai at the J. Walter Cameron Center 95 Mahalani St., Wailuku, on August 16th at 7 pm. Sponsored by the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii, “Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai will describe the profound effect of lifestyle on the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. In their research at Loma Linda, one of the healthiest places on earth, they were able to demonstrate the remarkable influence of lifestyle on cognitive health. What was consistently demonstrated was that a whole food, plant-based diet conferred protection against brain diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer's despite genetic risk. They’ll further discuss other lifestyle factors also important in preventing and even reversing cognitive decline.”  


MauiTime has named Choice Health Bar Maui’s best vegetarian restaurant.  Choice Health Bar is located in Lahaina and Kaanapali and is coming soon to Paia. MauiTime also recently profiled Maui Kombucha Raw Vegan Fusion Café and Kombucha Brewery in Haiku. For a listing of more restaurants, stores and markets that offer vegan food, see our Maui Vegan Food Guide.

New vegan food at Maui Costco: reports that Costco added a “vegan” label to its El Pastor Salad, a new item that recently replaced polish hot dogs in its food-court menu nationwide. The Mexican-inspired vegan salad is made with soy-based meatless chicken, chopped romaine lettuce, black beans, and “banh mi” vegetables and dressing—which the chain reformulated to be fully vegan by removing eggs. In June, Costco added a vegan açaí bowl to its food-court menu. Costco’s stores also offer a plant-based burger that is reportedly selling well.  All three items are available at Maui Costco.


Volunteers needed for Leilani Farm Sanctuary, Maui’s only vegan animal sanctuary, needs volunteers to help transport produce donated by Down to Earth in Kahului to Leilani’s Haiku site.  If you are interested in volunteering, please call (808) 298-8544.


If you know non-vegans who are misinformed about veganism, point then to 10 things you’re getting wrong about veganism.  If you live on Maui or visit frequently, you might consider joining the Maui Vegans meetup group. Additional forums include three Facebook pages, Vegan on Maui, Maui Vegans and the companion to this website, Maui Vegan Life.


August 1850:  William Horsell, secretary of the first Vegetarian Society, published the last issue of his journal, The Vegetarian Advocate, in which he argued against consuming butter and cheese. 

August 1944: Several members of the Vegetarian Society wanted to devote a section of  its newsletter to non-dairy vegetarianism. When the request was turned down, several months later Donald Watson set up a new quarterly newsletter, The Vegan News.  

August 1964: The Vegan Society, which was founded in 1944, first registers as a charity. 

August 2000:  Thanks to efforts of the late Henry Spira and later People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), McDonald’s pledges to increase cage space for hens by 50 percent and require its suppliers to phase out the cruel practice of beak searing.  According to historian Erik Marcus, “Naturally, these guidelines hardly began to resolve the welfare problems related to the animal products sold by McDonald’s.  But McDonald’s initiative was an essential first step, and one with immense strategic importance.” 

August 2008: The wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi was entirely vegan, including their wedding cake. DeGeneres had promoted veganism numerous times on her TV show.

Chris Brock